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In the heart of every child is a hunger for a home, not just for food and a place to sleep, but for a feeling of belonging and being safe.  Most importantly, for love.
Nishant Balasadan strives to provide a caring and nurturing home for under-privileged/unfortunate children -to educate, love and raise them to become confident individuals and thus future leaders. Though all come from destitute or desperate situations, for these children, getting an education is not only their right but a passport to a better future as today’s children are tomorrow's leaders.

Nishant Balasadan is part of M/s. Ananda Charitable Trust, a not for profit charitable organization registered under the Indian Trusts Act 1882. Ananda Nilayam is place for aged providing much needed care and dignity for the old. Nishant Balasadan is located in Ananda Nilayam which has 100 acreage and is located on the Highway between Hyderabad to Siddipet, about 17 kms from Siddipet.

Help the helpless. Help the poor. Help the needy. Help the orphan. Be the joy for they that suffer in latent. They might not have money to repay you. They might not be able to offer an equal return of service, but, the inner peace which they may get in their spirit for a moment shall be an awesome lifetime blessings to your body and spirit.